Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.

Growing up I was always amazed at the resourceful nature of my classmates. I was surrounded by people who actually thought about the world and cared about the world. They were confident and creative and I wanted to be just like each one of them. I honestly thought that my friends were going to run this world by the time we reached thirty and I was excited to stand behind them. My hopes and dreams for this nation and this world were limitless.

Then something happened to change that. Reality.

Now I am not saying that it wasn’t possible for my classmates and I to change the world. In fact, most all of them have gone on to be very successful in their chosen careers as doctors, professors, teachers and parents. They are doing their part for a fair and balanced world. The reality came from how hard change would be to achieve. Yet, I wonder what would have been accomplished if today’s technology and outlets had come around twenty years earlier.

I must say that when I first learned of YouTube years ago I thought it was something unique and entertaining. I didn’t give it much thought other than a simple way for people to share funny videos. For years I only used it when I was told of that cute puppy that thought he could take on the cat, or the politician that didn’t think before he/she opened his/her mouth. I’ve had many a good chuckle from these videos and probably would have been content to continue on with YouTube in this manner. However, because of Twitter, Facebook, and so many other social media sites, I have found that YouTube is much more than mindless entertainment.
At the end of this blog I have included a list of my top favorite YouTubers (in no particular order). Take a moment and go check them out and you will quickly see the excitement for today’s youth that I have. It’s the same excitement I had twenty years ago with my classmates, only this time the technology is there to give them (or anyone) the outlet to express their views, concerns, motivations, etc. 
I had feared that teens and young adults had given up on the world. These amazing young people proved me wrong. Some are very creative, some are entertaining, some are crude yet all of them have strong opinions. My advice to today’s leaders is watch out for tomorrow’s leaders. They are already learning the techniques to making change and they have found a way to speak up!
I know that most of these are from the UK, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. If you have examples of great YouTubers from the US please let me know where to find them. 

Also see this YouTube channel for a great example of how YouTube is being used for business currently.

And just for fun here is my YouTube channel. I have been inspired to do my own.

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