Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.

Christmas is always an emotional time for many of us. It depends oh how we associate it with good or bad events from the past or current events and situations. Either way no one can make the honest claim that this time of year “is just like any other time of year.” If you hear anyone say that then they lie. Even those that were not brought up with Christmas have their own opinions on how this holiday of all holidays effects them.

This year finds me in an unusual spot. For the past twenty or so years I have half dreaded Christmas due to the pulling from so many different directions. Inevitably, someone would get disappointed, leaving me to feel like a ungrateful person. There were even a few years I made myself unavailable to everyone through work. But in the end that just left me depressed still. No this year is different. This year I am looking forward to Christmas and both feeling the pain of the commercial aspects of it.

Since being laid off in June I have had the luxury of living off a generous pay out from my last job while making a dollar or two on my current business venture. However, I have paid out more than I have made to start this venture so far and it hasn’t progressed the way I would have liked. Granted I did pay for a couple of things that were probably in the category of “not necessary” but still the opportunity was almost once in a life time to take advantage of. Still, the current state of the economy and unemployment  rate has made it nearly difficult to find another job to help me through.

I am one month from falling flat on my face and loosing everything I have. But the Christmas spirit is strong this year so my hopes are high that the next few weeks hold good things ahead. So regardless of the economy, uncertain decisions, frightening future prospects, I embrace this holiday. Embrace it for what it really is. A time to reflect on the past year, family, friends, and the new year that lies ahead.

Merry Christmas to all of you and may your life expand exponentially in the new year.


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