Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.



There is a long history in this country of whiny music for equally whiny teenagers, but emo might just be the whiniest. Emerging from the hardcore punk scene in the early 1980s, bands like Rites of Spring wanted to make hardcore more emotional, and “emo” is the result. Throughout the 80s and 90s it remained a scattered scene, blending with pop-punk and alternative rock movements that had surfaced during these years. By the 2000s, however, it had become a completely different monster. What it existed as now was a subculture of pale, pierced, frail, introspective, depressed, and wasteful teenagers caught up in their own self-obsessed bubble. And oh the fashion! Girl jeans on guys, sweeping bangs, horn-rimmed glasses, and studded belts, just to name a few atrocities. Hair not black enough? Dye it some more. Going through a break-up? End yourself. Emo gave these privileged and ungrateful teens a venue to fully indulge in their bad poetry and even worse music. And let’s not even get started on screamo.

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