Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.

“Come, Watson, Come! The game is afoot.” – Sherlock Holmes as penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
That’s the way I will start off my day from here on out. Myself as Holmes and my self-esteem as Watson. Proactive. Confident. Ready to tackle all of life’s mysteries and obstacles as if they were merely play things to satisfy some insane part of my brain. 
Now, I am not comparing myself or my intellect to that of such iconic figures as Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson. Instead, I am choosing to approach life with their interest and passion. I no longer will allow myself the luxury of a hum drum existence. There are puzzles in every smile and clues in every opportunity. Clues to prosperity and happiness. Clues to a bright and marvelous future. All I have to do is uncover them. 
Impossible is not reality. Improbable is only a temporary dilemma. 
How do you start your day? Do you dread work? Do you list the reasons why it is a good idea to stay in bed? I’ve done both. I’ve failed using both those methods. No more. 
I will meet you all at the finish line, and if you need a shoulder to lean on to help you across…. call me. 

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