Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.

I intentionally waited until this evening to write this. Honestly, this wasn’t supposed to be apart of this blog at all but after everything this weekend I didn’t see any alternative. The emotions of today were just too high.
I spent a good portion of this morning watching the coverage of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the opening of the memorial at the World Trade Center site. When I say a good portion I mean the whole morning. It was important for me to see. Important for me to re-live those emotions. Which I did. 
Charlotte, NC. Something worth fighting for.
I remembered where I was that day as everything happened. I shed tears as the memories of friends that were lost that day found their way flooded into my consciousness. I cried again as I saw the children speak of their lost parents. I cried when James Taylor and Paul Simon sang. 
Yes, I am programmed to cry.
I got frustrated and angered a few times seeing Twitter users degrade this day and the memorial services. I let it all go. I unfollowed them, but I let it go (to be honest they weren’t contributing anything of quality to my life anyway). I also became over joyed at the rest of Twitter who seemed to embrace the spirit of the events today and the meaning overall. 
What got me most was something that I didn’t even hear mentioned at all today. The days and weeks after 9/11. The feeling of togetherness as a nation. The support of the global community as well. We weren’t individuals at odds with one another. We were one. Still individuals but one. One enormous world of support, love, and to some extent peace. We were strong. Sadly, that wasn’t to last once politics got back to business as usual. 
I miss that feeling. It’s largely a part of what drives me to Service and Education today. Today, my social values got a huge boost back into reality and I go into the tomorrows to come recharged to make a difference. To fight for love, peace, strength, humanity, and prosperity. 
I am glad I forced myself to re-live that day 10 years ago. Even if I sound like a hippie. I’m fine with that. 

The Project Update
I am once again delaying any more information on “The Project.” Seems new directions keep coming but they are all very exciting. 
Thank you for your patience.

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