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Hindsight 20/20: A Quest for History‘s  main purpose is to find answers to the questions lost to time and generations of oral family “history.” The goal is, at the end of the 20 weeks I will have 20 tales to compile into a book of short stories. 
This is a research and genealogy quest to track down and document the lives of my ancestors. The only things that remain of my ancestors available to me right now are a few ratty pictures, elusive documents and watered down tales. These are people who helped shape their communities and were effected by the world around them. Their stories deserve to be brought back to life.
I have vivid memories of my early year sitting at dinner tables with family members and hearing stories of “where we came from.” Unfortunately, as a child and teenager I didn’t understand the gravity of listening then. Now, it’s too late to hear those stories again from the mouths of the people that told them before. 
Stories like: 
Great-Grandfather’s Arm
  • How we are descended from Pocahontas and John Rolfe and the remarkable story of how that line almost ended but survived.
  • The story of my Grandfather that ran off in the middle of the night, before I was born, with a lady in the neighborhood. I never knew him or his family. What exactly happened to him?
  • How about the story of my Great-grandfather that lost his arm to gangrene and had to wear a prosthetic claw. Did he really design it himself?
  • Another story, much more elusive, is that of my Great-grandmother and her father. He was born in South Carolina and died in South Carolina. So why was my Great-grandmother born in Ireland and who exactly was her mother?
Hindsight 20/20: A Quest for History is meant to be social. Using of Social Media I am inviting everyone to follow and interact with me through the quest.  The whole way I will be blogging, posting sound bites, videos and pictures. From the planning, travels, writing, editing and publishing, everything will be documented. A DVD of the social documentary will be created to accompany the book.
Great-Great Grandfather Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother
History and Ancestry/Genealogy is a passion of mine. You may have already read that in previous blog posts. It’s the human element that drives that passion. The why? Why did people do the things they did in the past and how does it effect us now?
We all grow up with stories of our family ancestry. What famous people we come from. Where in the world we are descended from. What struggles and obstacles that were overcome just to get us where we are today. How many of us take the time to look into those stories and truly understand the people we owe our lives to, not just the dates and “facts.” How many of us just take what is told to us as fact and remain content with it? 
I’m not and that’s why I have created this project. I want the answers. The full picture. I want to understand.
Hindsight 20/20: A Quest for History must adhere strictly to my core passions of Service, Education and Inspiration, while pursuing the interests that consume me, History, Knowledge and Genealogy. That’s why I am using this project to raise money and awareness for nonprofits. Details on which nonprofits will benefit are still in the works and I will update when I have more information. 
I have been researching my ancestry for a few years now and have a “map” to start off with. Starting in October I will launch a campaign to raise funds to make this vision possible. The travels and research will start in February of 2012 and continue through June of 2012. The target for publishing will be in winter of 2012. 
My travels will take me through North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
Thank you for taking time to read this trough and for your patience through my cryptic messages over the past month. I look forward to doing this with all of you.

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