Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.

Today is starting off right. I decided to kick off October with a traditional English breakfast at my favourite British pub, Big Ben in Charlotte, NC. The weather seemed to want to help me set the mood. It’s nice and chilly. Such a fitting atmosphere for today’s activities.

The Flags in Big Ben British Pub
If you are looking for me today you’re going to find me either in a cemetery or a church. One of those is quite unusual for me, the other not so much. You see, I am working on the video to kick off my project on IndieGoGo, and both of those settings are ideal for what I am doing. 
Whenever I walk through a graveyard all I can see is life. Surrounded by the markers of the dead, I see the stories of lives. It pains me to think that those stories, so many of them, are lost to time. That’s kind of what got me started on Hindsight 20/20. The thought of so many good people, thought of as inconsequential, would never have their tales told was saddening to the soul. So I start this labor with my own family genealogy. 
I am glad I did. So much to tell (as in my last post)  and I can’t wait to tell it. 
Why will I be in a church today? They hold valuable records for one, but more than that they are filled with the atmosphere of their local history. Finding the right church could be the key to understanding the history of why someone lived the way they did. There is little more rich in tradition than religion. If you want to get into what was in the minds of the people laying in those graves, then get into the mindsets of their local church. 
More to come. A lot more. And very soon.
The Flags in Big Ben British Pub again

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