Have A Little Fun. Life Is Too Short.

My father was always the techie of the house when my brother and I were kids. I think he was the original geek. But what do i know of the dark ages

It seemed as though that trait was going to die out of our family with him. Thankfully, some genes just lie dormant for a while. Now I proudly call myself geek (and nerd, but that’s another story). Don too, but he isn’t writing this so therefore irrelevant.

I remember being a preteen and teen and Dad talking to me about computers and gadgets. I couldn’t be bothered at the time. However, I do remember the lights. Loved all the lights. Shinny!

I just wanted to play with all the bells and whistles and lights. I didn’t care how it worked or why it worked. That’s what excited Dad. There was nothing for me in a computer back in the 80’s and most of the 90’s. It was just a cold plastic box that just… well… computes. BORING!

Then something special happened. AOL. Ha! That sounds funny today. Considering AOL is basically the equivalent of the washing board today. But none the less that was the start of my love affair for technology. That’s when I was introduced to Instant Messaging.

Yes, AOL’s Instant Messenger, AIM (does anyone still use this?), would be the seed from which my love would grow. From there MySpace (will it make a comeback?) would come along and open more doors. Then Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest and Google + and LinkedIn and and and…. YouTube! OH MY GOD, YOUTUBE!

Then there were the gadgets and gizmos to implement these wonderful new outlets. I discovered the euphoria of Apple products when I got my first MacBook Pro. The iPhone and Apple TV just sealed my love for that company. All I am waiting on is the iPad to complete the set.

Oh my what a beautiful place to be for me! You see with the introduction of all these platforms and “toys” I have overcome something from my childhood. I’ve overcome (mostly) from the horrible social awkwardness and ineptitude that plagued me.

I found it hard to make friends and understand people throughout my teens and into my twenties. Forming meaningful relationships that I could sustain and not sabotage was painfully difficult. Damn near impossible. However, over the past ten years I’ve developed those skills. I’ve practiced and learned from trial and error. If it were not for all of these wonderful things I would not be the person I am today.

Now I am proud of who I am. I go into the world confident. I apply what I know to my life and I am damn good at building relationships. No, I am not ashamed of saying that. Why should I be?

I may not have been the productive nerd I should have been in my youth, but today I hold my nerdiness in great value. I still have no desire to understand the inner workings of computers and the internet. I’ll gladly leave that to my father (and now my brother).  I just care about the people it puts me in contact with. All it took for me to embrace technology was to make it less cold and more human.

I love my life.

– David

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