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Your Brand, Your Responsibility Part 2 of 3 – Maintaining Your Brand

Now that you have your brand created on all the various digital properties it’s time to start maintaining. With a combination of profile consistency, strategic interactions, and useful resources you’ll be on your way to being known as an expert in your field. Following these measures will ensure that your reputation continues to grow in a positive and entertaining manner.


“Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.”

          – William Shakespeare 

Don’t worry, the hard part is over. This is where the fun starts and new relationships begin to develop. Just remember, Social Media is about networking and making great impressions. Great impressions will open up a world of opportunities for you to take advantage of. 

Profile Consistency and Understanding Their Purposes

Each social media site was created to meet a certain desire in our digital lives. Some are very narrow in purpose, while others seek to combine our desires. Using them correctly is essential to success. Would you walk into Macy’s and expect to buy a rack of lamb? 

Here is a simple list of the a few social sites and their uses (links will take you to my profiles where possible).

  • Facebook – Share everything in your life; Pictures, Status, Videos, Links and more
  • Twitter – 140 characters of “micro-blogging”, Share your thoughts and links
  • YouTube – Share videos
  • Google+ – Share everything in your life; Pictures, Status, Videos, Links and more
  • Flickr – Share pictures
  • LinkedIn – Post your resume and share information on you and your field
  • Foursquare – Check into venues and share your recommendations
  • Pinterest – Pin media of your interests to your board categories.
  • Tumblr – Share your interests to a blog feed. Various media supported
  • Instagram – Mobile picture sharing and editing only.

As you can see there is some overlap. Remember that they are all businesses in themselves and they all want to compete as much as possible. Still, know their basic functions and use them for what they are.

As an added bonus you can connect your sites together. In other words, you can connect Twitter and Facebook so that when you post to one it will update the other. Just know that if you post heavily on Twitter that means you are posting heavily on Facebook. Personally, I have those two set up to only post together when I want them to do so. I use Twitter much more and save my Facebook for more link sharing than conversation.

Just check your settings on each site and see what your options are (they are always changing). Then evaluate how much you want to use each one and make the connections that are most appropriate for you. There are no right or wrong answers as long as you are responsible with your reputation.

How much should you post? Again, there are right or wrong answers. I suggest using each site everyday when you can. Multiple times a day. What matters is that your information is relevant, honest and informative to your intended audience. Take the opportunity to showcase your talents, skills, interests, passions and knowledge. That is what matters.

One last thing, keeping consistent with profile pictures (avatars) and bios would be prudent. You are creating a brand. A brand should be recognized from first glance. There will be some instances where you will have to alter a picture or wording, but that is fine as long as the same message and impression comes across.

Strategic Interactions and Relationship Building

Discovery makes the world an interesting place to be. I can give thanks to social media for three things; connecting me with great people from my past and new relationships locally and globally, discovering some of the the best talent and minds in the world, and exposing me to views and news that before I would never have been able to ponder.

Make information work for you. Read news from around the world, share it with your network, and create remarkable discussion. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow! Don’t miss out on it. Relationships grown from constructive debate is invaluable. Get informed on a subject and talk about it and watch as other’s respect for you builds. Tip: You don’t have to always be right. Just be open.

Seek out others with similar interests. Learn from their posts and don’t be afraid to modify your stance on a topic with new information. Grow with it. Growth is essential to our eternal development. Most sites will give you suggestions of others that you may want to connect with. Normally the suggestions are based with consideration to your current connections and interests. It really is rather easy. Just don’t expect to have 1000’s of followers and friends over night. It’s a process that takes time. Worry about quality, not quantity.

Two tips:

  • When giving a review don’t be abusive, be constructive. Paint yourself in a good light.
  • Give Credit where credit is due. That’s just respectful. Also, in many instances it’s the law.
  • Create your own content as well. As often as possible post your own videos, write your own blogs, and use your own pictures. It keeps it customized to you and gives your audience something fresh to absorb.
Here’s a video I made

Useful Resources (and Fun too)

There are sites popping up everywhere to help you determine your effectiveness. They can give you insight and guidance as well as be profitable and entertaining. I would suggest these:

  • Klout – This site will rank you from 1 to 100 on your impact and influence. Currently, I am at a 52 Klout and it says I am a “Specialist”.
  • Reppler – This site will keep you aware of any concerns with your posts like profanity. It will also give you some fun statistics on overlap of your connections from site to site.
  • SocialMention – This site will give you percentages of your influence, positivity and more. You can also search for other people and brands and see how they are doing.
Do not think that these sites are the last word on influence and reputation. They are limited to algorithms that are not human. Check them out but take the information for what it is.
Keep track of what others are finding interesting out of your posts. Here are two sites I would suggest:
  • Bit.ly – Use their link shortener for what you share. When someone uses that shortened link to visit the content you shared the site will track the clicks.
  • Hootsuite – Also a link shortener that works the same way. However, Hootsuite also gives you the ability to manage multiple social sites at once.
Manage your online reputation like you would manage your bank account. Keep an eye on it, make frequent deposits, and withdraw what you can. However, don’t forget to budget and invest well.

What would you like me to expand on from this series? Please send me your request at david@redbolling.com. Or send a message to any of my Social Media sites FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or My Website.

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