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Do You Think Snowden Was Wrong?


The Times They Are A Changin. Or are they?

In 1963 Bob Dylan sang “The Times They Are A Changin”. He lied.

Change is all in how you spin the truth. And truth is all how you view the world. And the world is just as messed up as it was in 1963. War, poverty and discrimination still prevail. Faces of hope and fear still permeate the news. 2% of the population still controls the future of the rest of us. Yeah change isn’t what our government has accomplished. 

Change is not a motto to be shouted by those that are recently no longer in power when things haven’t improved by their failures from when they were in power. Scott Brown does not represent change but he doesn’t have to represent the past. It is up to him from here on out.

Recent events have put a spotlight on the inability to change and why it is on my mind so much right now. The horrible events in Haiti, the immediately vile comments that followed from Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh, the recent change in political climate back to a party that has and is leading us astray.

Granted the world is a better place today than 50 years ago. Segregation in the US is mainly a thing of the past and we have our first non-white President. But Prop 8 and New Jersey shows us that there is still a long way to go before true freedom and equality prevails. 

Granted the types of healthcare available in the US is outstanding, but those that actually need it can’t get to it. Not only can they not get to it, the very industries that contribute to the unusually high need for healthcare are lobbying to keep reform from happening. 

Granted the wars the US is in is against a valid threat to global security, but we should have never been in one of them. 

I am just rambling here but here are some basic thoughts in my head:

1. Discrimination is not Freedom.

2. Separation of Church and State should be applied both ways.

3. Healthcare should be universal if we plan on surviving as a country for more than twenty more years.

4. When you take a stance stick with it. If you change your position admit it and don’t pretend you never had it.

Again I am just rambling.

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