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Blog Re-Direct

From now on my blog will be found at http://davidboling.com




My latest obsession – San Cisco

San Cisco – My Newest Obsession


Daddy! I Lost An Ear!

“Oh No, Daddy! I lost an ear!”


Two People I Have Too Much Respect For

A Conversation with J.K.Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe allpotter323



Beatles Live On!


i have died. goodbye

Because of this it is a great day!

Ain’t Got Time For It.

FYI: If I block you, don’t feel like you have pissed me off. I’ve learned over the years that negativity just doesn’t have a place in a productive life. I do not think less of you, I just don’t want you to bring me down. So if any of you know who I am talking about feel free to forward this on,… or not. It really doesn’t matter.


Make Business Fun: RedBubble Has Creativity

I thought the tag on my new shirt was cute. “Don’t slap Pandas”


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